SAWIPB was established to advance the competencies of practitioners

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Our Objectives

To develop people
  • To establish and promote Communities of Expert Practice within the Wine Industry that informs and promote people development processes and related development initiatives for the four Professional Councils.
  • development initiatives for the four Professional Councils.
  • To identify and define the industry specific or unique jobs and the related learning and development kriteria for purposes of the Wine Industry.
  • To promote and inform learning and development initiatives to address skills shortages in the Wine Industry.
To designate practitioners
  • To acknowledge Practitioner potential by setting qualification, ability and conduct standards, and the Designation of Practitioners that meet the standards referred to below.
  • To promote a shared Code of Conduct for Practitioners.
  • To initiate and manage the Continuous Professional Development (“CPD”) of Practitioners to enhance their performance and keep them up to date with best practice trends.
Promote participation in the Professional Body within the Wine Industry
  • To acknowledge and obtain formal support from related bodies in the Wine Industry as well as Stakeholders through Affiliation agreements.
  • To formalise and promote relationships with international partners.
  • To market and promote the employment of Practitioners.
Develop and Build structure
  • To develop and build structure in relation to the Objectives set out above with a view to conducting its activities as a stand-alone structure within the Wine Industry if and when deemed advisable by Stakeholders within the Wine Industry.

Our Mandate

SAWIPB was established to advance the competencies of practitioners related to the occupations identified for the mentioned four sub sectors. These occupations include the ±300 000 elementary workers employed in the industry, seeking to promote their employability whilst promoting the profitability of the industry by addressing competence.

The professional body informs learning programmes, advises providers and avails continuous development initiatives based on defined competencies that were developed by subject matter experts in the industry.

The introduction and active promotion of A Code of Conduct for practitioners in the Wine Industry is aimed at defining conduct that will promote stakeholder confidence and minimise the industry’s impact on resources and the environment.

The SAWIPB is the first body established to address and co-ordinate the wine industry value chain’s skills development requirements. The professional body enjoys the support of employers and other bodies that serve specific aspects of the wine industry value chain.

  • Primary Wine Production (Viticulture)
  • Secondary Wine Production (Winemaking)
  • Wine Marketing & Sales
  • Wine Logistics & Distribution

The Professional Body derives its mandate from Clause 3.1.2 of the Winetech MOI: “to assist with and facilitate the training of sufficient people at all levels in the Wine Industry”.

Our Structure

Organogram: South African Wine Industry Professional Body

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